It’s a Bit Extravagant…

Extravagant?   Extra vagant?   Since “vagant” does not exist in the English language, I am free to coin a word and definition:

va·gant;  vāɡənt/

noun:  A person who manipulates truth to justify their own political, Biblical, or life view.
Synonyms:  Prevaricator, story-teller, liar, spinner, word twister, teller of tales, manipulator, fabricator.

the-horse-290907_960_720A vagant is that person who watches and accuses everyone else but justifies their own twisted logic.   They will refuse proven facts if it does not line up with the notion they have already formulated, postulated, and said out loud to the dismay of their co-horts and co-workers…and certain members of their family (the ones looking in the opposite direction and rolling their eyes).

I hope you are not that person…but more than that, I hope *I* am not that person!

Most of us know at least one vagant, that one person who gets on your nerves at work, at a family reunion, or the loud person at the next table at a restaurant where you were hoping to have a nice quiet meal.   If that person has a buddy who acts the same way, then there you have it.  The EXTRAvagant.

The next time you are unfortunate enough to be in the presence of such a person, cut your eyes toward them and mutter “vagant.”   It’s the only way my new word will catch on…you gotta use it.

Nothing in my life is really extravagant.  That’s why I have to make things up as I go along.

Happy Friday to you!
May your day be free of vagants.
And extravagants.



Miraculous Musings

Tennessee River Sunset, North Alabama

There’s a religious suggestion to something “miraculous.”   I believe in miracles, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen one.   Some would say the sun rising or the birth of a baby is miraculous, but that’s just the laws of nature set in place by God.

I suppose the creation of the world was miraculous…but I didn’t get to see that.   It would have been really cool to have witnessed the earth without form and void miraculously shape into the Garden of Eden!

What?  You don’t believe in a six-day creation of the universe?   That really does take believing in miracles, doesn’t it?

I believe it.  It’s Biblical and makes more sense than an explosion of life from an abyss of nothingness.  It is not Biblical that God set the plan in motion and let it happen over millions of years.

Scientifically…neither evolution nor creation can be 100% proven or disproven.   Did you ever watch a creationist and an evolutionist battle it out?   Very interesting.

Not trying to convince anyone…thankfully, we all get to choose what we believe.

Of course, we don’t get to choose what happens after the choice is made.  Consequences are real…and sometimes they are real painful.

As an ending thought…God and I know it surely is miraculous that I am still alive and kicking after some of the colossally stupid choices I’ve made in life.   Just one more reason I believe in God, His mercy, grace, and His love.


The Injustice…

I get angry at injustice. 

Did you know that God loves justice, and it is mentioned over 500 times in the Bible?   The foundation of God’s throne is righteousness and justice.  According to scripture, He is displeased when there is no justice.   Jesus, Himself, called it “the weightier matter.” 

I’d say justice is extremely important, wouldn’t you?

Scripture References:
Isaiah 59:14-16
Psalm 89:14
Matthew 23:23 


The Daily Post/Daily Prompt

Circus Rings and Crazy Things

Politics 2016…definitely going to be a two ring circus, complete with clowns.   Ol’ Bernie is trying to make it a three ring, but I don’t think he’ll succeed.  I hear crazy rumblings that both parties will be tossing in a last-minute candidate…and if they do, they’ll get what they deserve.  Unfortunately, American citizens will get what they do not deserve.

I never found circuses entertaining.  They are too chaotic…not unlike the world these days. 

The media circus…Oh.  My. Word!   Can we believe even fifty percent of what news outlet clowns toss at us?

The Blogosphere…a circus!   There were an estimated 152 million blogs in 2013.  I expect there are several more by now.  I have noticed, though, that many blogs haven’t been updated for years.  You know, the ones with the web address that I want.

When your life feels as if it has become a three ring circus, you are too busy.  In the long run, half of what you are holding on to won’t matter.  Prioritize and let the less important things go.  Family is too important and time really does zoom by.  


The Daily Post/Daily Prompt

Drawing Blanks

Husbands draw a blank when he says one thing, but she hears another…he asks, “Why did you do THAT?” she hears, “You are so dumb,” and a fight begins.   Heaven forbid he mention something about her clothes on a day the scales say she gained half a pound.

I draw a blank when, after all my doodling, I sit down to actually sketch something…but…nothing.  I stare at that blank page until I realize I’d better go back to doodles.

I draw blanks at my computer screen, as well.   All those great blog posts in my head?  That’s where they still are.

Many draw a blank about Memorial Day.    Memorial Day is about our men and women in the armed forces who gave the ultimate sacrifice:

625,000 Americans killed in the Civil War.
116,000 Americans killed in WWI.
405,000 Americans killed in WWII.
36,000 Americans killed in the Korean War.
58,000 Americans killed in the Vietnam War.
2,300 Americans killed in the Afghanistan War.
4,500 Americans killed in the Iraq war. 
And all the other Americans killed in other wars.

It’s not just a day off work…but spending time with your family and friends is a great way to celebrate it.   Remember those who sacrificed so that we can eat our barbecue, burgers and hot dogs in peace in our country. 


The Daily Post/Daily Prompt

Epitome of Stupidity…


…A teenage girl in a high school dressing room knowing at any moment a boy could walk in while she is undressed.   Isn’t being a teenager hard enough?

…People demanding that everyone think/act like them.  We cannot change others by rewriting history, banning words, labeling others a hater, racist, or ignorant because their religion, politics, or thought process is different.   

…Trying to make everyone the same.  We. All. Are. Different.  And that is okay.  We are males and females, and indeed, we are different.  Diverse cultures make people unique, as well.   No one said we have to be friends with people we don’t like or with whom we disagree, but they have just as much of a right to be themselves as we do.   They just may be right, and you just may be wrong.  

…Government micro-managing citizens.  The United States is a Republic, and power is held by the people, not the elected officials.   

…Apologizing to a country for a period of time in which they starved, tortured and killed our own people.


The Daily Post/Daily Prompt

Countless Muzings…


Countless are the times I said things I wish I hadn’t.  

The countless times I’ve thought of just what to say…after the fact.   It’s usually when I’m holding on to some unforgiveness, and having conversations with the offender in my head.   Forgiveness is always better than one-sided conversations. 

Countless comments I didn’t type, and I’m glad I didn’t.   Ah, but countless are the ones I did type.  Nobody has all the answers; thinking you do might make you look a little trollish.   There comes a time when we need to learn when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em…comments and comebacks, that is…not the Gambler’s cards.

Countless Words With Friends games I’ve won.   I’ve lost a fair share, too.  But, please don’t challenge me to a game and only play three letter words if you are going to publicly whine on Facebook about people who cheat when I score 200 points on you.  If your best scoring word is 15 points, no one needs to cheat on you.   (That’s one of the comments I didn’t type, but I did send her a private message politely explaining why I was forfeiting the game.  She and I do not play WWF any longer.)   Ugh…more of those one-sided conversations!

Oh, the countless fat grams, calories and carbs I’ve counted.   Even more countless are all the ones I ate.

Countless blessings in my life…some I recognize daily, others I take for granted.   For those I take for granted, God forgive me.


The Daily Post/Daily Prompt