The SAGA of…Everything!


Life is a saga…until you’re old, then it’s a vapor.   Trouble is, no one believes that until they’re old.  It’s a little late then, isn’t it?  

The education saga…we never stop learning..which makes me wonder why some of us are still so dumb. :::looking around, hoping no one is looking at me wondering that:::

The election saga…The Donald and Hillary.  I find myself wondering if it will ever end while realizing it hasn’t gotten good and started yet.  Who will trump whom?   

The job saga…we work and work until retirement, and many of us work during/after retirement.  Where I work…3/4 of the retirees come back part time.  It must be a heck of a deal they only tell us as we prepare to leave.   They haven’t told me the secret yet. 

The restroom saga…I bet ya,  whoever a woman identifies as, I can just about guarantee you she doesn’t want to use a men’s room.  ‘Nuff said.

My diet is a saga…a lonnng drawn out, rollercoaster, yo-yo of a saga.  (Typed as I eat pizza and cookies.   Don’t judge my saga.)

I’ll end this post before it, too, becomes a saga.


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