Epitome of Stupidity…


…A teenage girl in a high school dressing room knowing at any moment a boy could walk in while she is undressed.   Isn’t being a teenager hard enough?

…People demanding that everyone think/act like them.  We cannot change others by rewriting history, banning words, labeling others a hater, racist, or ignorant because their religion, politics, or thought process is different.   

…Trying to make everyone the same.  We. All. Are. Different.  And that is okay.  We are males and females, and indeed, we are different.  Diverse cultures make people unique, as well.   No one said we have to be friends with people we don’t like or with whom we disagree, but they have just as much of a right to be themselves as we do.   They just may be right, and you just may be wrong.  

…Government micro-managing citizens.  The United States is a Republic, and power is held by the people, not the elected officials.   

…Apologizing to a country for a period of time in which they starved, tortured and killed our own people.


The Daily Post/Daily Prompt


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