Circus Rings and Crazy Things

Politics 2016…definitely going to be a two ring circus, complete with clowns.   Ol’ Bernie is trying to make it a three ring, but I don’t think he’ll succeed.  I hear crazy rumblings that both parties will be tossing in a last-minute candidate…and if they do, they’ll get what they deserve.  Unfortunately, American citizens will get what they do not deserve.

I never found circuses entertaining.  They are too chaotic…not unlike the world these days. 

The media circus…Oh.  My. Word!   Can we believe even fifty percent of what news outlet clowns toss at us?

The Blogosphere…a circus!   There were an estimated 152 million blogs in 2013.  I expect there are several more by now.  I have noticed, though, that many blogs haven’t been updated for years.  You know, the ones with the web address that I want.

When your life feels as if it has become a three ring circus, you are too busy.  In the long run, half of what you are holding on to won’t matter.  Prioritize and let the less important things go.  Family is too important and time really does zoom by.  


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