Countless Muzings…


Countless are the times I said things I wish I hadn’t.  

The countless times I’ve thought of just what to say…after the fact.   It’s usually when I’m holding on to some unforgiveness, and having conversations with the offender in my head.   Forgiveness is always better than one-sided conversations. 

Countless comments I didn’t type, and I’m glad I didn’t.   Ah, but countless are the ones I did type.  Nobody has all the answers; thinking you do might make you look a little trollish.   There comes a time when we need to learn when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em…comments and comebacks, that is…not the Gambler’s cards.

Countless Words With Friends games I’ve won.   I’ve lost a fair share, too.  But, please don’t challenge me to a game and only play three letter words if you are going to publicly whine on Facebook about people who cheat when I score 200 points on you.  If your best scoring word is 15 points, no one needs to cheat on you.   (That’s one of the comments I didn’t type, but I did send her a private message politely explaining why I was forfeiting the game.  She and I do not play WWF any longer.)   Ugh…more of those one-sided conversations!

Oh, the countless fat grams, calories and carbs I’ve counted.   Even more countless are all the ones I ate.

Countless blessings in my life…some I recognize daily, others I take for granted.   For those I take for granted, God forgive me.


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