Politics and Phases

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This phase of political unrest sweeping across our country is a bizarre time indeed.  We have a generation of extremely self-centered people who fully believe society is indebted to them, and they are unwilling to let opposition have a voice.

But I can sense a growing hope in the midst of the chaos, proving that we aren’t going to hell in a handbasket just yet.   I worry, though, that the people who are weary of Washington so desperately want change that they are putting their hope in a man who is, after all, a mere mortal like the rest of us.  Placing all of our confidence in another human being usually garners disappointment.

What did we learn from recent history?  I remember eight years ago, then again four years ago, when America was promised change, and voters chose our current administration.  We did see change.  It wasn’t the change most of us wanted, but it was definitely a change…almost a revolution, in fact.

Something I didn’t expect on the Democrat front was the opposition to Hillary Clinton.   The biggest surprise from the democrats, however, was their support of an admitted socialist.   I never dreamed Bernie Sanders would still be in the democrat race, just as I didn’t think Donald Trump would be the frontrunner for the Republican Party.

I halfway expect some nasty late surprise, in either or both parties.   It would be a foolish gamble, I believe, but the insane choices of the people we have elected to office is disturbing.

Definitely unsettling,
this peculiar phase in political America.

I comfort myself by remembering God really is in control.  He’s God, you know.  He hears the prayers of His people, and His people are praying.  The remnant.  For the sake of ten, my friend.

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O Truth, Wherefore Art Thou?

LilyIn this age of dishonesty and distractions, we have too much information and truth is hard to find.  And the things people will believe!   Our youth believe Kanye West is talented and makes music.  Women think Hillary is on their side.   We have so many answers that people have stopped asking questions!  Is anyone searching for the truth?

Obnoxious people don’t like truth.  It makes them feel insulted.   Unfortunately, truth is truth, whether they (or I) like it or not.   We can’t bend the truth to make it fit our own biases and opinions, because in the long run, truth will always trump deception.

Speaking of Trump…who would have believed Donald Trump would be the last man standing on the Republican ticket?   The question now is will he win by a landslide, or will he win by a smaller margin?   I think he will win because people are weary of Washington.   All of ‘em.   It will be an interesting November, don’t you think?


Here’s a fact that can’t be denied…some people call it karma, others call it kismet, or just getting one’s just deserts…but it is truth:   You reap what you sow…God cannot be mocked.   (Galatians 6:7)   Sow some good seeds and be patient.   Harvest time will come.